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CSA Week #18-B

Posted on September 10th, 2021 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

Whew! Another busy week, and it's not done yet. Some highlights for us include our first ever delivery that was big enough to need a pallet (pic above). We dropped off a significant amount of our remaining winter squash at the Amish Farm to Market Store this week, and we're hoping to off load the rest at markets in the next week or two -- no more hauling around heavy squash! We also started participating in a program at the Libby Elementary School that provides fresh fruit and vegetables for kiddos to try fresh and raw. So far we've provided summer squash, radishes, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. We've been busy prepping for the market tomorrow and for the Kootenai Harvest Festival on Saturday. We've also STILL been planting - getting our almost last salad transplants into the ground as well as direct seeding into the hoop houses. All in all, we know that the Fall slow down is upon us, but we still haven't really felt any of it quite yet. 

Hard to believe that this is the last CSA week, but it is! Don't worry! This is not the last time you'll be hearing from us! We do still plan to do some Farm Stand boxes. Many of you are already on our Farm Stand list, but we'll send out an email to all CSA members prior to our first-post season Farm Stand so that you'll have a chance to get one or get on the list if you'd like.  We'll also be getting out an end of season survey in a few weeks - we really love to hear your thoughts and they do influence our decisions for the farm (i.e. more melons, herbs, more carrots!). You'll also be getting some CSA specific emails when we start signing up our membership for next season, this is usually in January or February. With Harvie, there's a great way for us to autorenew members (if they want!) so you'll all be able to continue being members into 2022 if you'd like.  And if all that's not enough Hoot Owl correspondence for you, consider signing up for our general email list (many of you are already on it). This is the list that we send emails to prior to every market and it's also the list that we'll use to send updates on our activities over the off season. You can sign up for our email list on our website

We are so thankful for you guys this CSA season. It's been a great year and we've really enjoyed chatting with you and seeing you at pick ups. A CSA program is not for everyone and by being a part of ours you have all demonstrated a commitment to local food, nutritious food, trying new things, supporting a local business, and just generally being awesome! Thank you very much! We look forward to seeing you all at your final CSA pick up this week, and hopefully beyond that!

Your Farmers, Bonnie & Rudy

PS. The Farmers Market at Libby will continue through September 30th!