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CSA Week #5-A

Posted on June 16th, 2021 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber


It's that time of the week! Remember to switch and swap your veggies, add-on eggs, breads, bagels, or honey! 

A short but sweet update today since we're BEAT! It was a long, but good Friday and we just finished by getting all of the melons planted -- Yay! The melons were are last big Spring planting and it feels great to have that done. We're already starting to have empty beds around as we 'crop out' beds after harvesting. Some beds were even planted for the second time this week. We have high hopes for these melons and are sure you guys do too as they would make a fabulous contrast all of the vegetables typically in your boxes...fingers crossed, the seedlings look great and they have a good weather outlook for their first week outdoors -- not too hot, not too cold, and maybe even some rain. 

We wanted to give a quick Thank You to the couple of member who donated their boxes last week - they were a big hit to the lucky folks who got them at the market. If you are going to miss one of your pick ups, then the best choice is to reschedule it or put it on hold in your Harvie profile. But if it's short notice and too late to reschedule, then it's really great to let us know before the market on Thursday. We put out a little sign that explains that one of our members has donated their share and that if it would really benefit someone, they should come to the pick up table for it. We've had some really grateful and excited people getting to enjoy a box that way. We totally understand that sometimes you don't know you missed your box until it's too late, and in that case, it's available for Friday on farm pick up, 2-5. If you haven't grabbed it or contacted us by the following week, then it'll still be donated through the Food Pantry, but it'll be broken up and doesn't have the same 'excitement factor' as a complete share at the market does. So thank you again to those that donated, they went to enthusiastic homes!

Have a great weekend! Rudy & Bonnie