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CSA Week #3-B

Posted on May 28th, 2021 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

Whew!! It is hot, Hot, HOT! We're doing our best to get the usual weekly farming done while also paying very close attention to irrigation, timers, filters, shade cloth, and basically anything that can help a crop get through this heat wave. The good news? When we cultivate weeds, they generally die pretty fast after having their roots disturbed. Whereas many other times, we'll spend a good deal of time cultivating a crop only to have 30-40% of those weeds find their way back to life. We are looking forward to the cooler weather coming in a couple of days to prep and plant the last of our new blocks -- the melon block. We have managed to do quite a bit of other planting this week including ALL of our winter squash, tomatillos, cilantro, peppers, more cherry tomatoes, basil and much more. Now we're just hoping that those seedlings were tough enough to deal with such heat stress. 

We hope you guys are enjoying your vegetables! For those that added on eggs, consider combining with microgreens for an excellent Rainbow Mix Omelette or Pea Shoot Quiche. Eggs are one of our favorite foods to add micros to and we think they go together better than peas and carrots. 

We'll see you at your pick up. Stay thirsty my, really, be sure to stay thirsty and hydrate plenty!!

Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie