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July Butcher Box Farm Happening

Posted on July 4th, 2024 by Greg Stainton

Hello Butcher Box Members!

This is your friendly reminder to customize your monthly butcher box.  

This month for the first time we have some (very small) Harmony Farm chickens.  Being very new to chicken farming, we are not totally sure why they are so small.  This first batch are Cornish Cross chickens, which is one of the most commonly raised meat birds.  They are most often fed high protein commercial feeds.  We elected to stick with 100% organic grains and maybe this led to slower growth.  At any rate, we have kept half of them to let them grow a little bit more.  they will be available next month.  By the fall, we will have Buff Orpington and Giant White heritage meat birds available.  We would love to hear what you like the best to help us choose what to continue raising.  The little chickens available this month could be considered delicious little Cornish hens.  

Wishing everyone a great BBQ season.

Your farmers,

Greg and Kate.