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Farm Happening July 10-12, 2024

Posted on July 4th, 2024 by Greg Stainton

Hello everyone!  

This is your friendly weekly reminder that the farm stand is open until Monday at 8am  

This week you are in for a special treat…the first week of fresh garlic!  We have started curing garlic to keep throughout the season but after reaching the last of our winter stock a while ago, this fresh garlic is a once a year special treat.

You can use fresh garlic anywhere that you would use cured garlic but remember to store it in the fridge as it will spoil on the counter due to its higher moisture content.  

Here are a few garlic recipe ideas to get you started:

13 Garlicky Recipes from The Spruce Eats

Love and Lemons Tzatziki

Happy cooking!

Your Farmers, 

Greg and Kate.