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Farm Happenings for May 5, 2020

Posted on May 2nd, 2020 by Patricia Gladney-Heatherington

This guy and 6 of his buddies were caught out in the strawberry field last week... and there are still more. It was late night u-pick partying in the field... let's hope they were practicing social distancing!! These guys... and the blackbirds... and the mockingbirds... and I am sure others out there took over half of the berries last week. We are hoping that we have caught or deterred most of them but it was disappointing. 

Another crazy season and it seems that fruit is going to be early on the schedule. By the way - the news stories about the Florida strawberries being destroyed because of COVID ???... last I remember strawberries are done in Florida around March and they were going to be plowed under regardless...anyway down south the strawberry season is over and the blueberries are starting their thing. We are getting some early blueberries from Miles Berry farm in Baxley, GA to help compensate for our strawberry woes. Hope you enjoy!