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Farm Happenings for April 21, 2020

Posted on April 18th, 2020 by Patricia Gladney-Heatherington

A little birdie told me...

The images streaming in through our TV and on-line are starting to show the COVID virus ripple effects. This may end up having an even bigger effect on our society as we know it than the virus itself. Many people that are truly confused these days about what is going on and what they need to be doing (or NOT doing) in their lives.

Here are some ideas for sorting through the minutia get through some tough decision making... 

… Right or wrong are not determined by popular vote ... or as our mothers used to say "If ____ jumped off a cliff would you just follow them?"

… Assume no evil conspiracy... not good for building teams or community. The path to hell is lined with good intentions and most "evil" is due to ignorance or unenlightened self interest. If there is indeed a conspiracy, are you going to be able to anything about it anyway? 

… What seems like the logical thing to do? Followed by WHY is this the logical thing to do? … act with facts.

… Look to the past to find the root (cause) … look to the future to find the solution (the effect) ... the present is only a fleeting moment.

… Be constructive on all levels... find the positive for yourself , your greater self (friends and families) , your even greater self (community) and your ultimate self (inner soul and outer world). Best of course if you can achieve all at the same time - be creative!

.. Your mind and your heart are married into the same machine... we live with the consequences of what each brings to the table.

… Don't panic!! … completely worthless effort that muddies the mind and sickens the body. Panic is only for those that are stuck in the present which as was said earlier merely a blip in time. Take a deep breath and just wait a moment...maybe two moments...perhaps a third.

… Solutions appear in their due time and cannot be forced. Be ok without a solution until a good one pops up.

… When making trade-offs always look for a way to trade-up.

… When the solution is clear and good … be sure to act on it!


With these ideas in mind please consider...

… planting a COVID Victory garden and starting plans for canning this summer... for you and for someone else

… going with the social distancing and wear those masks proudly! (looking forward to creative designer masks!)

… develop meaningful networks to help those that are displaced find a new place in their community... help someone find a temporary job to help make ends meet.

… donate a little extra food/money/time to your local food bank or other such organizations until we can get our distribution networks back on-line and people back to work.

The artwork for this article came from Seth Fitts for our local Feeding Families program which provides extra food for school kids in need to take home on the weekends. Their operations were disrupted when the schools shut-down and the church where they are working from closed...just an example of ripples in our local community. Luckily we have other free food pantries both existing and newly formed that are there for the long line of those in need. Big thanks to all those that make it happen!!