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Farm Happenings for April 3, 2022

Posted on April 14th, 2022 by Marnie Chown

Spring has officially arrived!! 

Well March sure flew by!! It got a bit chilly for our liking but I guess that's unpredictable March isn't it?!

We've had a very productive month at the farm! Sarah has joined us again for the season and it has been wonderful to have her around! She and Pat have been working hard both in the greenhouses and in the field when possible.

The chilly temperatures definitely affected our heat usage in the greenhouse, but actually worked to our advantage when it came to the caterpillar tunnels. The ground was just the right amount of frozen on some mornings for the tunnels to be moved and the plastic put on! 

The photo above greenhouse 2, which we moved, and our 5 cat tunnels. We added 2 this spring! 

These houses are all over raised garden beds which are beginning to dry out thanks to being covered by the plastic and warmed by the sun. We will be planting in them soon!

Greenhouse 1 is full of seedling transplants and the nursery wall has even been taken down for the entire house to be heated.

 The tomatoes are in the ground already and the beds in between the tomatoes are in the process of being planted.

Some of you might remember how last year we tore out the tomatoes in this greenhouse early to start the process of regenerating the depleted soil with cover cropping. Well, we are happy to say that the soil is in MUCH better condition and we are hopeful that our efforts and sacrifices from 2021 will contribute a healthier ecosystem in there this season. The difference in the texture, smell and biological life is incredible to see!!

I'm sure some of you are still curious about the baby...and so am I!!! Baby is still in there!! My due date is 11 days away so hopefully we will be meeting the little one soon! 

Damian and the rest of the family are excited and being very supportive and understanding at the moment. It feels so amazing to be receiving such love and kindness from everyone right now! It really does "take a village" and we are so lucky to have such awesome people around us. Thankyou everyone!!

We will be eating fresh greens soon!!!