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If you want to support your local farm and eat healthy but cannot commit to a full farm share season, you can use the farm stand to purchase one time shares. Once you sign up, you’ll continue to receive notifications when we have one-time shares available.

About us

Fair Sun Farm is a small-scale certified organic vegetable farm located in Spencerville, Ontario. We grow delicious and nutritious vegetables for families in our Ottawa area community.

Take comfort in knowing that not only do we grow our vegetables in compliance with the Canadian Organic Standards, but we are also concerned with the health of the soil and natural ecosystems. We work with nature instead of against it!

By growing nutritious chemical-free food we feel empowered to hope for a more positive future in our little corner of the world…and we’d love for you to join our community!

Farm Happenings for May 18, 2022

Posted on May 14th 2022 by Marnie Chown

It's the first box of spring veggies for 2022! Woohoo!    Welcome to our veggie CSA program if this is your first year participating...if not, welcome back!  We are excited to be starting our shares for the season and we hope you all enjoy your first batch of farm fresh veggies!    A few things are different this season... read more »

Green Beans
Peppers, Sweet Picnic
Baby Fennel
Fresh Garlic
Kale - red or green
Cherry Bell Radishes
Tomatoes - romas
Salad Mix
Peas, Sugar Snap
Tomatoes - cherry
Tomatoes - slicers
Squash, Summer
Acorn Squash (FF)
Salad Turnips
Butternut Squash (FF)
Hakurei Turnip
Green Bell Peppers
Mini Orange Bell Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
Greenhouse Tomatoes
Greenhouse Cucumbers
Red Onions
Flowers - mixed bouquet
Green Tomatoes
Garlic Scapes
Micro Greens
Romaine Lettuce
Pea Shoots
Microgreens Spicy Mix
Insulated Tote Bag
Stir Fry Mix
Pop-Up Farm Stand Admin Fee
Grain - n/a 2022
Flour - n/a 2022
Rosemary (BRB)
Fresh Herbs
Oregano (BRB)
Tulsi Tea
Salve - First Aid Salve
Sweet Corn - 6 cobs (FF)
Padron Hot Peppers
White Potatoes - n/a 2022
Coffee - n/a 2022
Spaghetti Squash (FF)
Pie Pumpkin
Ground Lamb - n/a 2022
Honey - Spring Harvest
Tara's Asparagus - n/a 2022
Salve - Itch-Stop Salve
Seedling - tomato Sakura
Itch-Stop Salve - 2oz screw top tin - Barking Root Botanicals
Seedling - tomato Nepal
Seedling - green basil
Seedling - pepper Carmen
Seedling - pepper King of the North
Seedling - tomato Skyway
First Aid Salve - 60ml amber glass jar - Barking Root Botanicals
Seedling - purple basil
Seedling - pepper Habanero
Seedling - pepper Padron
Seedling - tomato New Girl
Seedling - mixed zinnia 6 pack
Seedling - pincushion marigold 6 pack
Seedling - pepper Hungarian (Hot)
Seedling - pepper Jalapeno
Lemon Balm
Coffee - n/a 2022
Single Origin Coffee - Peruvian
Single Origin Coffee - Costa Rican sample
Single Origin Coffee - Peruvian sample
Single Origin Coffee - Sumatran sample
Single Origin Coffee - Decaf from Peru
Single Origin Coffee - Decaf from Peru sample
Honey - Summer Harvest
Honey - Autumn Harvest
Honey - Winter Creamed
Seedling - green zucchini
Seedling - raspberry
Seedling - purple basil large
Purple Basil
Seedling - Tulsi (Ocimum africanum)
Seedling - White Sage
Seedling - Oregano
Elephant Garlic Scapes
Dinosaur Kale
Collard Greens
Pullet Eggs
Seedling - cucumber
Hungarian Hot Peppers
Flowers - mixed snapdragons
Flowers - mixed strawflowers
Tomatoes - beefsteaks
Summer Squash
Sarah's Garlic Scapes
Garlic Scape Powder
St John’s Wort Oil
Dried Dill
Radicchio - n/a 2022
Piccolino Eggplant
Oregano (FSF)
Flowers - mixed zinnias
Garlic - 3 small heads
Rosemary (FSF)
Habanada Peppers
Tomato - slicers (FF)
Black Beauty Eggplant
Sweet Red Peppers
Tomato - beefsteaks (FF)
Peppermint Tea
Arnica Oil
Carrots - small bagged
Sweet Red Peppers - seconds
Anise Hyssop Tea
Cooking Apples
Buttercup Squash (FF)
Sweet Corn - 6 cobs
Tomato - seconds
Macintosh Apples
Spaghetti Squash Large (FF)
Butternut Squash Large (FF)
Buttercup Squash Large (FF)
Autumn Frost Squash
Red Kuri Squash
Spaghetti Squash Large (FSF)
Acorn Squash (FSF)
French Fingerling Potatoes - n/a 2022
Sweet Yellow Peppers
Beets (HF)
Tomatoes - romas (HF)
Spaghetti Squash (FSF)
Garlic Powder
Pie Pumpkin (HF)
Delicata Squash
French Breakfast Radishes
Buttercup Squash
Autumn Frost Squash medium
Autumn Frost Squash large
Carrots - bagged
Butternut Squash Large (HF)
Butternut Squash (HF)
Pie Pumpkin (FF)
Tie-Dyed Peppers
Autumn Frost Squash small
Dried Thyme
Cayenne Powder
Brussels Sprouts
Pie Pumpkin Large (FF)
Cherry Belle Radishes
Butternut Squash Small (HF)
Butternut Squash Medium (HF)
Sarah's Granny Smith Apples - 6 per bag
Sarah's Garlic - single large head
Garlic - 3 heads
Dried Oregano
Butternut Squash XLarge (FF)
Buttercup Squash XLarge (FF)
Butternut Squash Medium (FF)
Buttercup Squash Small (FF)
Sarah's Garlic - 3 heads
Kale - bagged
Sarah's Garlic - 3 small heads
Beets - bagged
Peppers - bagged
Salad Turnips - bagged
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin
Acorn Squash Large (FF)
Carrots (HBF)
German Butterball Potatoes (HBF)
Sarah's Autumn Frost Squash