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Farm Happenings for April 15, 2022

Posted on April 15th, 2022 by Marnie Chown

Mid-April Update

The first two weeks of April have been pretty chilly and wet over here! It's not looking like it's going to get any warmer or sunnier either! Last year at this time we were getting regular sunny days with temperatures in the high teens and twenties...every year is so different!

With our livelihood being so intertwined with the weather, we might be a little obsessed with checking the weather!!

The first spring veggie boxes are scheduled for the third week of May...they're not far off now! 

The tomatoes in greenhouse 1 are reaching for the sky and Sarah has them all strung up on the trellis now. There are flowers all over the plants and some even have little fruits starting to grow!

Between the rows of tomatoes we have crops in the ground including lettuce, green onions, romaine and kale. 

Greenhouse 3 is filled to the brim with spinach!! We never seem to have enough spinach so this year we decided to plant more than ever before! 

We had good luck with the seed germination, which helped. In the past, full trays of beautiful spinach seedlings have been notoriously difficult for us to accomplish! There are so many factors involved including seed quality, temperature fluctuations, consistent watering....maybe the consistent cloudy, cool days have created the perfect conditions for our spinach to thrive this season. Regardless, we are hoping to have tons available this spring!

The nursery section in greenhouse 1 is still full of seedlings since we are waiting for the soil in the cat tunnels and greenhouse 2 to dry out before transplanting them.

If we try to plant the seedlings while the soil is wet it will cause compaction and other soil issues that we would rather avoid. Pat used the broadfork to try to loosen things up so we will see if that helps! 

Still no baby news! My official due date was yesterday. 

Have a great weekend!