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Farm Happenings for March 5, 2022

Posted on March 5th, 2022 by Marnie Chown

March 2022 Farm Update


Things are starting to ramp up over here at the farm!! 

I wanted to share a few updates about what's going on at the farm these days. 

Basically...we are BUSY! 

We are getting all geared up for the season in a few different ways: 

- organizing and prepping the greenhouse nursery
- starting seeds and grafting tomatoes
- assembling a team of amazing humans to be our farm crew
- finalizing our weekly work and delivery schedule
- planning some exciting projects!
- getting ready to welcome our newest family member! 

Here are some sights this snowy afternoon:

Tomato seedlings a few weeks old.

Grafted tomato seedlings in the "recovery room" aka: our walk in cooler being heated.

The nursery starting to be filled with seeded trays!

It's a bit tough to feel spring around the corner with all this snow coming down, but we are doing our best to get in the mood! We just keep an eye on the forecast and keep focusing on the warm temperatures in the long range. 

Our membership for this season is gradually filling up! It's exciting to see both new and returning members getting excited for veggies!!

Would you like to know what veggies we are planning to grow in 2022?
Download our harvest chart!


 2022 Harvest Chart  

Our Refer-a-friend Program!

Current CSA members can easily refer friends and family to our farm share program!  If you know someone who is currently a member with our farm and you're interested in joining as well I would suggest asking them about it!

How it works: You’ll both receive a $10 credit on your balance when as order is created using the current member's unique refer-a-friend link found in their Harvie account. 


I'm sure some of you are curious about the baby...check out this belly!!

Putting on winter boots has been a challenge this past little while haha!!

Stay healthy out there and be reassured, spring is on it's way!! 

Thanks for supporting your local farms and farmers!

Marnie & Pat


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