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Farm Happenings for Nov 5-6th 2021

Posted on November 2nd, 2021 by Marnie Chown

It's officially the last week of shares for 2021!!

We have been doing our last harvest of everything that is harvestable and we are happy to report that we have more of brussels sprouts than anticipated! They are very tasty! 

Here's a great recipe if you've never tried them or have never liked them. The key (I think) is a bit of caramelization!

 Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

We also met some new farmers in the area this week! They have been farming in the West Carleton area for the past 4 years and just recently moved this way. They are called Heartbeet Farm and they use regenerative/organic growing methods just like us.

Check out their website:  Heartbeet Farm  

They have surplus carrots and potatoes at the moment so we thought we'd bring some in since we are all out of our own. Both items are very high quality and absolutely delicious! They were grown at their previous property in the clay soil which is the absolute BEST soil for root crops. 

The carrots are 1.5 pound units for $5 and the potatoes are 2 pound units for $5. The potatoes are German Butterball and they are LARGE.

We have fewer squashes than anticipated but lots of macintosh and granny smith apples available still.

Please note:

Based on what items are available and how your preferences are set, the veggies allocated to you this week might be under the total value of your share size.

There is plenty to choose from that we have from Sarah (Barking Root Botanicals), Heartbeet Farm and Forman Farms. 

Please make sure to customize your share or reach out to me if you are not finding anything you like! 

Finally, we are so happy to have had you all as members this season and thankyou for being a part of our farming journey!! Thanks for your patience throughout our ups and downs this's been a bit of a rollercoaster for us but I think that's the new normal for farmers these days. With every passing year we are challenged with the new realities of climate change and our ever more unpredictable regional weather.  

For those of you who have expressed interest in joining again next season, thankyou!! We will be sending out the details in the next few weeks!

We will also send out a bit of a "farmer's review" of the season, so stay tuned to your inboxes! We are planning to open up early-bird registration for 2022 shares on Dec 1st.