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Farm Happenings for Feb 27, 2020

Posted on February 27th, 2021 by Marnie Chown

This week we are celebrating CSA Week! 

 CSA week is the most popular week of the year to sign up for a CSA farm membership.

 There are many reasons why people choose to join a CSA program. Read some comments from members:

- I really enjoy the farm fresh taste of the vegetables. It
made a total different to me, and I really started to enjoy
cooking with all of these fresh ingredients, especially
knowing the family of the people who grew them.

- By cooking at home, I ended up eating healthier than
buying processed food from the store. I have also learned
a lot more about how to store or use the vegetables,
which makes me more confident trying to eat healthier
moving forward.

- We tried a bunch of vegetables that we would never have
tried before. We now put squash in our chili, Swiss chard
in salads and stir fry, kale in soups, etc. We now plan our
meals around the veggies from the box. It was a fun
challenge and got our whole family excited about eating
“new” veggies.

Our seedlings are growing!

 Our tomato seedlings are looking good so far and we will likely fire up the greenhouse heater to start more trays of seedlings soon!

 Some of our tomato seedlings get grafted, check out how we do it!


There are many benefits to grafted tomatoes including increased resistance to soilborne diseases and more vigorous roots which results healthy plants and greater overall yield.

 Pack Shed Reno

 Our pack shed is starting to look great! We've got the drywall up, the furnace installed and we are working on the mudding/taping now. It'll be all sealed up and painted before we know it! 


 Membership is filling up!

 Our member numbers keep inching up every day as more and more people join up for the season. If you know of someone who is interested in joining, get them to do it soon to avoid disappointment! 

If you've already placed your order, thankyou!! 

All members have access to our private Facebook group where you can see more behind the scenes photos and videos along with recipes, kitchen tips and more! 

 Join our private FB group!