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Farm Happenings for Feb 10, 2020

Posted on February 10th, 2021 by Marnie Chown
The countdown to spring has started for us on the farm!

Our walk-in cooler is all set up with a heater and lights and our first seeds have sprouted!!
Now that we have seedlings, we are constantly monitoring the temperature, lights and moisture.

Our pack shed reno is progressing!
Since we had so many members take advantage of our early-bird bonus, we are able to renovate our pack shed before the season starts!! We are pretty excited about it because it will enable us to wash veggies in the colder months and have more seedlings on the go earlier too. Yay for more capacity!!!
So far we have installed salvaged windows and insulated the ceiling. We are working on the walls now and will be drywalling soon! 

In January we started a freezer challenge with our members!

We am trying to work though everything we have frozen and we though it would be nice to do it together!
Other members have jumped in and are sharing what they are doing as well!

Here are some recipes that have been discussed so far:
- veggie stock with frozen veggie scraps
- pizza or pasta sauce with frozen whole tomatoes
- butternut soup with frozen swiss chard and garlic scapes
- spinach and cheese casserole with frozen spinach  recipe here 
- lasagna
- ratatouille
- frozen peppers on pizza
- rhubarb pistachio loaf with frozen chopped rhubarb  recipe here 
- chili with frozen tomatoes and sweet corn
- rhubarb ketchup 
- tomato butter 
- slow cooker tomato paste

There are some great ideas out there and our members have some great tricks up their sleeves! 

Thanks for tuning in!

Take care and stay healthy!