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Farm Happenings for July 26, 2020

Posted on July 26th, 2020 by Marnie Chown

This week we started off by harvesting our garlic! Garlic is a long-term endeavor and we are just starting our journey with the crop. Bulbs are planted in the fall, mulched heavily to protect them from the potential of a cold-snowless winter, then left to grow until July-August when it's harvested, cured and either consumed, stored or re-planted. We have been continually re-planting the best bulbs and distributing or eating the small or deformed ones which we call "cull-inary" grade hehe. Once it is cured (2-3 weeks after harvest) we will grade it and make available what we will not re-plant. Stay tuned!

Even though we have gotten some rain, it's still abnormally dry and our area was classified as a "moderate drought" at the end of June. Since then I think we've only gotten 3-4 small rainfalls. Yikes! 

Some of our lettuce beds have gone to seed due to the heat and dryness (lettuce turns very bitter when that happens) so some members were affected by the romaine me, you didn't want to eat it!! I hope the swaps we made ended up being ok! 

In other news, Pat has been focused on plowing new garden areas and prepping beds for our fall crops. Today we seeded turnips and Pat formulated a plan for our fall greens...maybe more tatsoi and radish?!

This week we have small quantities of green beans, some cucumbers, lots of tomatoes and even some flowers! 

A note about the cucumbers: We grow a few different kinds of cukes and there isn't an appropriate unit option in Harvie so I have them listed as a "pack". Depending on the variety you will either get one big one or 2-3 smallish ones. Same for the peppers too!

Also, check out the newly added grain products from Against the Grain Farms! We are excited to team up with Shelley to offer some more local food options to our members. Yay!