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Farm Happenings for Aug 1, 2020

Posted on August 2nd, 2020 by Marnie Chown

Wow, it's August! I can't believe how fast time goes by in the summers! 

This past week our tomatoes produced really well! If you are someone who preserves tomatoes, now might be a good time to order some extras! 

We will have quite a bit less lettuce this week because the heat and dryness have caused multiple beds to go to seed. We still have lots of kale and chard available though, so if you've never tried a massaged kale salad, go for it!! (or just eat tomatoes...haha!)


We have a few more products in the extras area for you to choose from this week: 


Herb Products from Barking Root Botanicals 

Sarah Boni, one of our helpers on the farm, has her own farm named Barking Root Botanicals. She is located just around the corner from us and is in the process of becoming certified organic! Check out her website and order some herbs, teas or cream if you'd like, she makes and grows everything herself!

  Barking Root Botanicals Website  

We are excited to have a few products from Sarah, stay tuned for more to come! We are hoping she can offer a nice lineup of herbs for us since we are only growing basil and parsley this year. 

Products this week:

Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, Oregano, Rosemary

Itch-Stop Salve or Stick - Great for treating any external itch but especially good for bug bites. The lip balm tubes are great for kids.  Ingredients: shea butter, grape seed oil, olive oil, candelilla wax, plantain leaf, essential oils of peppermint, lemongrass and lavender.

Tulsi Tea - Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body regulate stress.  I find simply being in it’s presence relaxing.  Mild smooth flavour, tulsi is self-care in a cup.


Non-GMO Grain Products from Against the Grain Farms:

Last week we had a selection of flour, barley berries and pancake mix. This week we have another flour variety and a scone mix!

Check out everything Shelley has to offer and learn a bit more about her on her website. 

  Against the Grain Farms Website