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Farm Happenings for July 19, 2020

Posted on July 19th, 2020 by Marnie Chown

We got a little bit more rain, yay!

This week there have been some simply awesome meals shared in the facebook group including roasted kohlrabi, ratatouille, pasta sauce made with roma tomatoes, caprese salad, and spanikopita!!! I am so impressed with everybody's cooking skills and so happy that you're enjoying the food we are growing!!!

This time of the year is always tricky on the farm for us. Our energy levels are low, the heat is affecting some of our crops, weeds are taking over where they can and the pressure is on to get the fall crops into the ground on time! 

Our lettuces are negatively affected when it is so hot. Some varieties will simply go straight to seed and others will just not be as crispy. We will be harvesting from new beds this week so we are hoping for some top notch greens!

The bugs we deal with on the farm are also leaving their marks, the turnips we harvested last week weren't the prettiest so many of the bunches were sent out with no greens. Sorry about that! 

Our cucumbers are starting to produce now too, but again, the bugs are living their best lives in our greenhouse and scarring the skins. Rest assured, they are wonderfully delicious cukes on the inside...they just need a quick peel!

Our peppers are fruiting well but taking some time to turn colourful, so we have lots of green peppers available but would rather wait a to be able to offer red/yellow/orange ones too. I put some green peppers available as a swap item so if you'd like some, feel free to swap them into your box! (first remove an item, then add the peppers in the swap area)

There have been some updates on the Harvie customization page so things might act a little differently this week. Please reach out to me if you have any problems whatsoever! And please reach out for anything at all!