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Farm Happenings for July 6, 2020

Posted on July 5th, 2020 by Marnie Chown

This week was a hot and busy one!

We received some crucial equipment for the tractor and as a result, we were able to hill the potatoes! There are alot of plants out there and they look good! They should flower soon and we will start to see if we will get any potatoes in the fall...there is still lots of time for the potato beetle to make an appearance and foil our plans, so keep your fingers crossed they stay away!

With more veggies to choose from now, please be sure to check the swap and extras area to see what is available. 

The TOMATOES are starting!!!

When you receive tomatoes, they will be firm and not quite ripe. We purposely harvest them before they are ripe to ensure that they get to you in good condition. Fully ripe tomatoes do not transport well, they can get pretty banged up if they are soft!! 

So, when you get your tomatoes leave them in a safe place at ROOM TEMPERATURE and they will ripen to perfection for you in a day or two.

We grow many different varieties of tomatoes, all different colours, shapes and sizes. I will have them labeled in categories like "beefsteak", "cherries", "slicers", "romas" and "heirlooms" to keep things simple.

Please be open minded with our tomatoes! A beefsteak variety has both small and large fruits even though you will likely only find the largest ones labeled as beefsteaks in the grocery stores. Some of the romas are striped, some of the slicers are yellow and some of the beefsteaks are purple!