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Growings On 2/25/18

Posted on February 25th, 2019 by Kirsten Simmons

We've moved the pigs into the back pasture, and since very little goes right on the first try, we're having some interesting issues. I'd never used electric fencing before, so when I set it up and got the equivalent of a strong static shock when testing it on myself, I figured that was what was supposed to happen.  The birds ignored the fence from the beginning, and now Piggy Gaga has decided that the shock from slipping under the fence is worth the adventure that awaits on the other side.  So I start to research the output of the energizer we discovered in the pasture, and it's supposed to be minimum 2000 volts.  That ought to be a bit more than a strong static shock...

So I get to spend some time on the phone with Zareba support tomorrow, and in the meantime we've added a bit of extra security to the perimeter fence in the pasture so Piggy Gaga can't get to the rest of the farm.  I'm going to definitely try to get the fence working properly, but I also need to line up either a buyer or a processor for Piggy if she refuses to remain contained.  With so many partners on site, I can't afford to take a cavalier attitude towards escapes.  My ability to keep animals here depends on my solving problems quickly and effectively.