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Growings On 2/17

Posted on February 11th, 2019 by Kirsten Simmons

We have musical pigs!  Well, technically they're Idaho Pasture Pigs, but they have musical names.  Two females we're calling Piggy Gaga and Cardi P, and a male who's getting the moniker Justin Boarber.  :D

These three have been in residence for about a week and a half now. They arrived in the back of a u-haul cargo van because I couldn't source a light livestock trailer, and slept soundly in said van while I proceeded to get it stuck in the pasture while attempting to back up to the temporary pig pen.  Several hours and one very good friend (who came and pulled me out at 10pm) later, they were settled in.

They're super friendly, and as of tomorrow they'll be grazing in their snazzy new electric fence and helping to rejuvenate our back pastures.  They'll be joined in a couple of weeks by three Duroc/Berkshire crosses, who will help them root up all the woody perennials and make way for a new, nutritious silvopasture.  The three crosses will be named Bacon, Pork Chop and Ribs, since that's what they'll become at the end of the season, but our musical trio will hopefully remain long term and provide a steady supply of piglets for sale and food for years to come.