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Growings On 10/5/20

Posted on October 5th, 2020 by Kirsten Simmons

Still no word from the judge... but we're over halfway through digging out strawberry plants, and I really hope we can finish by the weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed that Hurricane Delta aimed at us on Friday and Saturday veers elsewhere. Not only will it be tight to get the space leveled for the shipping container to move before Friday, but I'd rather not lose the income from our two Saturday markets. But, c'est la vie in a world where global warming produces more storms than there are letters in the alphabet. 

The seasonal shift has caught many of us farmers off guard - the summer crops have slowed down and the fall and winter crops aren't quite ready for harvest yet. It makes these next couple of weeks a bit tight, until the winter greens and roots come fully on board. We have some broccoli raab out in Austell that's coming along nicely, along with arugula and turnips. Radishes, lettuce and kale will be coming in from Furrowed Earth Farm, and Local Lands will have our sweet potatoes, bok choy and carrots. So while it's thin now, there's more to come soon!