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Growings On 5/12/20

Posted on May 13th, 2020 by Kirsten Simmons

This is Luna. She's a Great Pyrenees, and she spends most of her time living with the chickens to protect them from predators.

She's also a giant love bug and goof who sneaks up onto my bed when I bring her home for a night off. I don't normally let dogs stay on the bed, but tonight I am sore from falling off a ladder and craving physical contact. So she's cuddled up next to me while I type.

I spent a good chunk of time last week working with the harrow at our new location, cutting up cover crop and getting the dirt ready to form into new beds. I was hoping for a good rain on Friday, but that didn't materialize so I put overhead irrigation on it instead. The goal is to get the cover crop residue broken down so those nutrients are immediately available for the seeds we'll plant in the new beds. My hope is to start arugula, lettuce, kale, an asian mix, radishes, carrots and turnips in those beds, and to continue producing these crops year round. Those seeds will probably go in the ground the week after next, which means I need to be prepping my next spaces to seed out three weeks from now, and next month. Plus we need to start tomato, pepper, eggplant, okra, cucumber and squash seeds to set out for seasonal production. 

Fortunately, I seem to have secured a couple of awesome team members, so now the challenge becomes getting the to do list out of my head and into a form where they can help me with it.