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New summer veggies + try a new herb!

Posted on June 28th, 2020 by Mike Nolan

We're in week 5 of our CSA, and things are slowly starting to look the way we expect them to in summer months. Farmer Mike wants everyone to know that we're aware that we got off to a slower start than normal this year. There are a few things at play:

  • Huge projects and improvements on the farm, like the new moveable chicken coop, various greenhouse projects, and finally installing an irrigation system throughout the fields, which has been on the to-do list for years. All of these necessary infrastructure improvements set us back a bit in the normal flow of things, but we went double-time on planting and we'll be in good shape! Check out our facebook page to see more about all of these projects.
  • Weird weather, and adjusting to the "new normal." We've mentioned this before, but it's still very surprising that our zucchini isn't flying out of the fields by now, for example. Everything is still on track for a good harvest, but the timeline has been different.
  • Managing pests naturally and sustainably. Changing weather patterns also means different pests becoming bigger problems than before. Using organic farming methods sometimes means more hands-on time in the fields controlling pesky invaders. The good news is that there are a few types of beetles that usually give us bigger problems which are barely present at all this year.

    The wonderful thing about CSA farming is that we're in this together for the long haul, and we're looking forward to making up for any shortcomings in the early weeks with even better shares later on. Especially during the big harvest months in the fall, we plan to continue offering added value and more variety to choose from each week. Thanks for partnering with us on this journey!

New This Week

  • Baby Beets with tops - These sweet little beets are wonderful in salads, or roasted with summer squash and onions. The greens are edible, tender with a great flavor, and packed with nutrients, so don't skip them!
  • Kohlrabi - We recommend that you try this crunchy veggie raw. Simply wash, peel if you choose, and cut into pieces for dipping or eating plain. It's also great shredded over salad. If you haven't tried kohlrabi before, it may just become your new favorite summer veggie. 
  • LOTS of herbs! - Sometimes we shy away from fresh herbs because we're just not accustomed to cooking with them. Check out this article with helpful tips, recipes, and everything you need to know about adding fresh herbs into your cooking routine. Fresh herbs are like tiny treasures once you get to know and love them!

The Scoop On Basil

We're reassessing how we package basil this week to avoid brown spots and curling. Basil is tricky to store, especially when it's naturally grown and not treated with any chemicals after harvest. We apologize if you received subpar basil last week, and we'll be improving the quality of the herbs in your share as we move forward.


I previously asked everyone with milk bottles to label their bottle returns with washable marker. UPDATE: I was wrong! Washable marker sweats off, and we may not be able to read your name by the time it gets to us. It may sound scary, but the best thing to use is SHARPIE! Don't be afraid! We tested it. =)

Backyard Chickens For Sale

Farmer Mike is offering home delivery for orders of Hy-Line chickens, the same breed that we love and keep on our farm. They're friendly, easy to care for, and they're responsible for the amazing brown eggs we share every week. These gals are going on 15 weeks old, and in just a few weeks they'll start laying around one egg each per day. We're offering them for $20 each, with delivery included - a real deal. If you're interested in setting up a flock of your own, visit our website to learn more and order your very own chickens.

We hope you have a wonderful week, and have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

Be well,

Morgan + The Earth Spring Farm Team