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This week's CSA - welcome to summer

Posted on June 21st, 2020 by Mike Nolan

It’s officially summer! We hope you’re finding ways to safely enjoy being outdoors and sharing good food with friends and family. We’ve always felt a sense of purpose around providing food for people as the foundations of relationships and community. Cheers to your CSA share fueling your health, moments of joy, peace of mind in knowing where your food comes from, and strength to keep fighting for justice.

Just a few notes this week:

Re: Italian Basil + Zucchini

We REALLY wanted to have them for you last week, but they just weren’t ready. We will get there! Harvie has a tool built-in for making these kinds of last minute swaps if our harvest estimate wasn’t quite right, but we may have missed a step, so if your label still showed Italian basil and you didn’t get any, we’re sorry for the confusion! You should have received toscano kale as a substitute. Please let me know if you feel that your share came up short, and we’ll work out a solution for you. Thanks!

New Milk Share: Non-Homogenized Cream Line Milk

If you like cream in your coffee and milk on your cereal, Cream Line milk is for you! It’s flash-pasteurized (which means it’s not raw) but not homogenized, so the cream rises to the top. Scoop the cream off the top to use separately, or shake the bottle for extra creamy milk. Win-win! We’re now offering weekly and bi-weekly Cream Line milk shares, and I’ve also added a few bottles for purchase as extras this week to give it a whirl. As always, milk from Apple Valley Creamery is non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic free, genuinely grassfed and ethically produced.

Box + Bottle Returns

Just a reminder to return your CSA box each week, so we can set them aside to rest for two weeks before reusing them. As a refresher, here are the steps for properly collapsing your CSA box:

Members with MILK BOTTLES - please return CLEAN bottles LABELED with your name! Bottles are dishwasher safe. Use dry-erase or other water-soluble marker to label your bottle, so we can track your returns and calculate your bottle deposit refund at the end of the season. If you don't have access to a marker, let me know! We can work it out.

Share the Love

We’re getting close to peak season, and our farm team planted SO MUCH FOOD that will be popping out of the fields over the next several weeks. We want all this produce to get into the hands of people who will enjoy it, so we’re opening up more CSA memberships. The cost of membership is automatically pro-rated at signup. We’re offering a $20 referral credit to our members who refer their friends and family to the CSA! Just ask the new member to send me an email - - to let me know you referred them. Then you’ll receive $20 that you can use for any extras you like!

For anyone who wants to take the CSA for a test run before making a full commitment, the farm stand is perfect for them! Share this link:

This week, I’ll be working on new ways to make our referral program more accessible and easier to manage, as we want to give back to our members who help us grow. Stay tuned for more info in next week’s newsletter!

Have a great week, stay safe, and keep on keepin’ on.

- Morgan and the Earth Spring Farm Team