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Pre-Season Round Two!

Posted on May 18th, 2020 by Mike Nolan

Welcome to another round of Pre-Season Warm-Up! We have quite a few new products to offer this week.


As a reminder for our regular CSA Members: this is an optional one-time purchase that allows us to offer a few early veggies, plus quality local products from our partners that we're proud to offer through our CSA program. It is NOT part of the regular CSA season that you're already signed up for, which will begin in the first week of June. However, the ordering, customizing and delivery of these one-time shares is basically the same as with the CSA. If you place an order, you'll be able to pick it up this weekend at your CSA pickup location, just like your regular shares. We hope this gives you a convenient way to enjoy some fresh veggies and stock up your kitchen while we wait for the regular season to kick off!

From The Farm: This week we have beautiful 1/2lb bags of our Salanova lettuce mix. It's mild, smooth and buttery, harvested super fresh so it will keep well in your fridge. Spring onions, watercress and spicy radishes are back this week. We also have a very limited number of young Swiss Chard bunches. Scoop them up quick!

Locally Roasted Coffee: We've partnered with two excellent roasters in Harrisburg, PA to bring you a selection of locally roasted coffee! A staple on the farm. We've got two dark roast blends from Little Amps, and two lighter roasts from Elementary Coffee, including a single-family, single-origin Columbian coffee that we're loving. Coffee comes whole bean in 12oz bags.

Pequea Valley Yogurt: This grassfed yogurt has been a staple at our farm store for many years. It's made by a family on a beautiful piece of land in Amish country. It's made in several delicious flavors, not quite as thick as greek yogurt, and has a texture more similar to creme brulee or flan. Hungry yet?

Meat from North Mountain Pastures: Our good friends at North Mountain Pastures are selling out of their ethically raised pork and beef products, but we were lucky enough to get a freezer full to share with you. In addition to the sweet and hot sausage we had last week, we're now offering a variety of pork cuts, all free from hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. If meat is part of your diet, stock up while supplies last.

We hope you enjoy browsing the farm stand! It's our pleasure to be the point of connection between you, our community, and other producers doing essential work to keep us healthy and fed.

The window for ordering and customizing is open from now until Wednesday morning at 9AM. Let's get started!


- Your Earth Spring Farm Team