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Order meat, bread, coffee, pickles + more from the farm stand!

Posted on May 25th, 2020 by Mike Nolan


We're officially one week away from the launch of our regular CSA season! This is our last week of offering one-time shares during the "Pre-Season." These local goods from our partners will continue to be available through the regular CSA season while supplies last, but if you've been thinking about placing an order for grassfed, ethically raised meats from North Mountain Pastures, organic locally sourced bread from Talking Breads, raw farmstead cheese from Spring Gap Mountain Creamery, or ultra-local raw wildflower honey from Whistleberry Farms, we encourage you to order this week! Once regular CSA season kicks off, things get busier around the farm, and we'd love to get some bigger orders out while we still have a slightly more flexible schedule.

 *** This week we're extending the cutoff time to Thursday at 9AM, so you can place and customize your order anytime until then! We're also giving everyone $5 off this week =) Just enter this coupon code at checkout: gimmefive

Regular CSA Members: We're on track for our first CSA deliveries next Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6! You will get an email on Sunday, May 31, to take a look at your first share and customize your box. Then, you'll get another email on Friday, June 5, reminding you that your first share will be ready to pick up soon! You'll find the exact details for your specific order and pickup included in that message, and also in your Harvie profile. Note: if you're a bi-weekly member, your first pickup may not be until the week of June 12-13. Take a look in your profile for details!


Farm Stand Subscribers: We hope to continue offering one-time shares for purchase throughout the season when we have extra produce to share. However, the farm stand is a new feature, and it may take a little troubleshooting to work out how we can fit it into the big picture. Stay tuned for updates, and keep in mind that you're welcome to join the CSA anytime! After the season starts, the cost of membership will be prorated automatically. As long as we still have open spots, we'd love to have you.


New this week:

- Ramp Kraut, crispy kosher dills and spicy honey habanero cukes from Number 1 Sons.

- More flavors of grassfed yogurt from Pequea Valley.

- More sausage, applewood smoked bacon, and varieties of pork cuts from North Mountain Pastures - a safe, ethical and reliable local source of quality pork, while supplies last!


From The Farm:

- Herbs are here! Cilantro, dill + chives.

- 1/2lb bags of gorgeous salanova lettuce for your springtime salads


What else can we source for you?

If you're looking for trusted, local sources for quality goods to feed your family, let us know! We're committed to growing and strengthening our network of quality producers in our area, building resilient food systems and securing access to good food for our community. If there's something you're looking for, send us a message.

Thanks and be well,

Your Earth Spring Farm Team