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Farm Happenings for March 21, 2020

Posted on March 17th, 2020 by Sarah Brown

Hello Farm Friends,

We're sending our love to you all.

**Logistics**: Shares will be available for pick-up from 10-1pm this Saturday at the Silver Falls Bread Co. Please bring a bag/cooler to repack your produce into. We sanitize boxes after each/before each use. Please consider waiting in your car until the person before you has finished up. While there have yet to be cases of COVID transmission via food we still recommend you wash everything before consuming. We are taking every precaution to protect you and the most vulnerable in this community. Thank you for being careful with us.

We wish this farm was 10x the size and that we could house you all on the farm and feed everyone. These are tough times and we're trying to figure out how to staff the farm this season, adjust planting plans assuming there is going to be increased interest in CSA, and keep sane. It's a challenge we're feeling equipped for and we're going to dig our heals in and kick a$$!

We have some fresh spring greens to share and other overwintered treats. The spinach truly is a GIANT variety. We've been loving it cooked and sautéed. We've added it to chickpea curry, lasagna, and rice and beans bowls. The escarole is excellent in soups. There are a ton of great recipes online. This Clean Green Soup is delicious and can be made with any of the greens available. It is SO simple and feels like a super duper power food to be eating right now. Butternut is great as a curry. This recipe could also include any of the available greens and leeks.

Don't hesitate to reach out with ideas, frustrations (we're regularly reporting issues with the online system and they've been VERY responsive and supportive), or photos of you! We miss your smiling faces and look forward to reuniting in person.

Sarah + Conner