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Farm Happenings for March 28, 2020

Posted on March 25th, 2020 by Sarah Brown

Hello Farm Friends;

There are no words to fully describe the profundity of our feeling in these times. We are held between hope and despair, solitude and community, confusion and resolve. Nothing really makes sense, except the turn of the season, and the support of our people. The pure force of demand that we feel from Silverton is heartwarming and heart-wrenching. We wish we could triple food production over-night. We hope that this traumatic re-awakening to resilience is the beginning of a deeper connection for us all - to the land, to our food, to each other. In difficult times, when I am most anxious, I lean into productive action to feel grounded. The worries of the world can swirl like stars - infinite, indefinable, and ever-present. The farm is my elixir in a world gone crazy, when spinning through space without a pilot is too much. Spring proceeds in all its noise, gallantry and frills, untouched by our concern. The lambs are fat and fuzzy, the cottonwood buds are sweet and sappy, the peepers croak their cacophonous chorus in the creekbed, the kestrels dance and dart, talons out, hawks beware, and the earthworms glide from their moonlit holes to entwine in an incandescent ribbon of slime and seduction. The farm is a persistent reminder of our presence and collective power. It feels good to turn the earth, and plant the seed. It is hopeful. Hope is what we need, because how we see the future affects how we act in this moment. We have to believe that what we do today matters somehow, somewhere. That goodness can do its part to turn the tide. All this is to say the obvious: Farming is an essential part of our happiness and our humanity. We can't do this without you, and we wouldn't want to. Please do not hesitate to reach out. We love your questions, thoughts and concerns. Thank you for persisting in the new format, and thank you for your patience as we iron out the kinks online. We are eager to return to farmers market, but for the time being, this feels right, and hopeful. Your support is hopeful, and our hearts are full. 

Conner (+ Sarah)