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Farm Happenings for November 12, 2019

Posted on November 10th, 2019 by Sarah Brown

Dear Farm Friends,

When I (Sarah) looked at last week’s message (Conner) I wasn’t sure what more there was to say this week. What a season it has been! It had all the required ups and downs. There have been crops that worked well and others that didn’t. 

More than anything though, this season has been very restorative for your farmers. It has been a reminder of how it can go right- when you have a good crew, the weather is reasonably cooperative, and things come together so that your planning pays off. It has shown us that maybe, just maybe, we can crack the code to sustaining a viable, small family farm. Maybe? At the very least it has given us a renewed sparkle of optimism - enough to keep us enrapt with this grand experiment.

This is our last week! We’ll be following up with a brief email survey. We’re super curious to hear your candid thoughts on the Harvie system!  We’ll continue to be at the Silverton Winter Market. We hope to see you there. We look forward to chatting more about all the interesting and exciting ways to eat local through the winter. Hint hint: winter squash everything!

Be well and enjoy this quieter time with family and friends. We hope to do the same.

With endless gratitude,

Sarah and Conner