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Farm Happenings for May 16, 2020

Posted on May 13th, 2020 by Sarah Brown

Hello Farm Family;

We very much enjoyed seeing some of you at the market last week! It was strange to replace a big bountiful display with a stack of pre-packed boxes, but food is food! And we are grateful that you are staying connected to the farm during this time. This week marks the first BIG flush of beautiful head lettuce. If you haven't yet had a chance to try the "Marvel of Four Season" Butter Crisp, i couldn't recommend it more. It's our favorite lettuce, by far. This is big, buttery, tender, use-as-a-wrap-or-put-on-a-burger lettuce. The heads are perfect right now. Also coming in is the next succession of hakurei turnips, which we don't grow much of through the summer. One other mention is spinach. Our first outdoor spring bed of Spinach is finally in full swing, and it is lush! Spinach is a tough crop to grow well, and it seems this spring has given us Popeye's least for a short time. 

The first of the cukes, tomatoes, and zucchini are tucked into their tunnels, and the broccoli is probably two weeks away. Carrots are back in action for the time being, and the garlic will soon send its tasty scapes skyward. We are pushing to finish onion planting, to sow some summer cover crops, and to get the last of the spring fields composted, fertilized, and bedded for a big transplanting push in the coming weeks (winter squash, melons, cabbage, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce). There is always more seeding, seeding, seeding to be done. Every week, we keep the successions rolling - carrots, lettuce, scallions, beets, fennel, broccoli, etc. As the fields fill, the patchwork grows, and we are reminded of the resilience, beauty, and complexity of a diverse cropping system.

Two other notes about Farm Stand this week:

1. We've added two add-ons from local partners/producers: Portland Creamery Chevre in 4oz packages (our neighbors!), and packages of lamb bones from our lamb. 

2. If you get a chance, please go into your Harvie Profile page, select the Farm Stand button, and confirm that you are signed up to receive notifications for all relevant/potential locations (Silverton, and Farmer's Market). This will ensure that you are receiving all of the Farm Stand emails! Thank you again for your patience as we get the system dialed in. 

Your Farmers,

Conner + Sarah