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Farm Happenings for May 9, 2020

Posted on May 7th, 2020 by Sarah Brown

Good Morning!

Veggies are ready for the picking. Some important details for this week.

Your box will now be available for pick-up at the Silverton Farmers Market, on Saturday 5/9/2020, from 9am-1pm at the Diggin' Roots Farm booth. 

We will be there, with masks, gloves, sanitized tables, and a stack of pre-ordered boxes.  The Farmer's Market has implemented important measures to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and vendors. We'll be grateful to set a box on the table for you and to share a masked smile. Please bear with us as we navigate a modified market world this season. It won't be the same, but at least it's something! Thank you for your patience and support.

One personal note as I imagine this new format: I know most of your faces well, and many of you by name, but it is deeply embarrassing how many names I still forget. It is a weakness of mine, and I'm trying to get better at owning the discomfort. :) In any case, as you walk up to the booth, perhaps a small shout-out of the last name on the order would help me feel a little less...ridiculous?  Or you can stay silent and watch me sweat. Ha! Either way, there's no hiding my secret anymore! 

For now, as we continue social distancing measures, we are committed to only pre-orders for our  Farmer's Market participation. Our entire inventory is being made available to Farm Stand subscribers each week.  Availability will steadily increase over the next few weeks (barring any significant gaps in production), and as it does, the stack of boxes at market will grow. If ever there are extra bagged goods, we will offer those at market on a very limited basis. There will be modified procedures in place for any day-of transactions. We will not be handling cash at this time, but will have a jar for exact change. We can also take checks.   

We do have a selection of beautiful tomato plants available this week.  Descriptions and prices are below. We only grow what we love, so these are some of our very favorites. Get there early for the widest selection and please bring exact change, or a check for purchase. 

$4/each, 2 for $7, 3 for $10, 10+ for $2.50/ea.
Also, $2 for dark star zucchini


Martian Giant- A great slicing tomato that rivals the hybrids. Bushy plants produce bright scarlet red, big and juicy, 8-10 oz fruit. Flavor is balanced and excellent. Martian Giant is a good choice for a main season tomato. The yield is a little late but very high. 
Pilu KS-Seemingly endless clusters of 6 or 7 fruit can be harvested vine ripened by the bunch. Fruit begin ripening mid season and continue to produce well into the fall after most other tomatoes give up. Flavor is a very good balance of sweet and acidic. Plants thrive in our cool, wet spring and fall weather. A rock star that is great for main season outdoor production in Oregon.
Orange King (determinate)- One of the best producers of early 4-6 oz, meaty orange globes. Blemish free and durable fruit form on bushes that are easy to cage. It has great sweet, fruity flavor. 
Sokolades- Plants are high yielding of large, 6-12 oz globes with a rich brown color. Excellent, complex, and delicious flavor common to many so-called black tomatoes. Latvian heirloom that consistently grows very well here in the Willamette Valley. We have found it to be one of the most reliable and best producers of this type. Reminiscent of the classic variety, Cherokee Purple, but we like it much better.
See you Soon!

Conner + Sarah