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Farm Happenings for September 30, 2021

Posted on September 27th, 2021 by Chris DeVries

Our big fall harvest continues this week.  We decided to rent a cooler to help us get the crops in and at the right temperature for October.  This time of year is always challenging with our storage crops fighting with our weekly harvest for space in our barn!  But the weather looks amazing this week and I think it might actually be the best time of year on the farm with all the bounty we have coming in!

From Pfennings this week we are bringing in some organic ginger and cranberries and from our own fields we have lots of amazing late season cabbage and napa featured this week.  This *might* be the last week for green and wax beans, although the nice weather might mean we have a bit more next week too.  Another new thing this week is pork products from 3gen organic farm in Wallenstein.  You can read more about their amazing operation here (  i met Jamie this weekend and he is truly passionate about what they do!

Please note that if you order a frozen meat product from us there is a 3 pack minimum (you can mix whatever type you would like) in order to ensure the cooler bag and products stay frozen.

pfennings: ginger, cranberries

feature: cabbage varieties round, caraflex, tendersweet, napa

Pork! minimum order for cooler pack....