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We are an organic vegetable farm just outside St. Thomas, a short drive from London. We grow the finest produce free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides throughout the year and sell them to our vegetable box subscribers, at farmers’ markets and to restaurants in our area. We are committed to running our farm sustainable and providing the healthiest products to our customers.

Farm Happenings for December 8, 2022

Posted on December 5th 2022 by Chris DeVries

Only 3 weeks left in our 2022 CSA season!  One thing you will notice is that the mix of vegetables available from the farm is changing and although we've passed our peak variety season (which is surprisingly October and November!) we still have a lot of great stuff here on the farm.  Buying locally grown produce is definitely an adjustment... read more »

Salad Mix
Large Squash, Winter
Sweet Potato 2lb
Brussel Sprouts
Collard Greens
Green Onions
Pork Sausage
Hakurai Turnips
Salad Greens
Jerusalem Artichoke
Seth's Bread
Asparagus 340g
Green Beans
Green pepper (1 unit)
Peppers, Hot
Ground Cherries
Harvest Pantry Saurkraut
Rhubarb 1lb
Cherry Tomatoes
Common Ground Farm T-shirt
Maple Syrup 500mL
Wildflower Honey 500mL
Harvest Pantry Sauerkraut
Edamame Soybeans
Ground pork
Ticket for Middle River Music Festival (incl HST)
Sweet Corn
Watermelon Radish
Avocado 2 count
White mushrooms, 227g
Kosuma energy bar
Organic Apples
Carmela's Cheese
Carmela's Teff Crackers
Carmela's Chocolate Teff Cluster
Green Tomatoes
Carmela's Berry Crunch Teff Granola
Booch Kombucha - Ginger 355 ml can
Spicy Salad Mix
Gunn's Hill Cheese
Viennese Roast Coffee, ground
Breakfast Roast Coffee, ground
Espresso Blend Coffee, ground
Common Ground Toque - green
Common Ground Toque - grey
Dry Beans
Pumpkin Seeds
Organic Rice
Diced Tomatoes 796 ml
Sunflower Oil
Olive Oil 200 ml
Balsamic Vinegar 200 ml
Whole Wheat Rotini 450g
Fusilli gluten free 354g
Sunflower Oil 750ml
Short Grain Brown Rice 907g
Basmati Rice 900 g
Raspberry Premium Spread Family Size, 383 ml
Strawberry Premium Spread Family Size, 383 ml
Apricot Just Fruit Spread, 283 ml
Raisins 1lb
Unsalted butter 250g
Old Cheddar 325g
Medium Cheddar 325g
Mozzarella 325g
Grated Parmesan 125g
Feta 150g
Herbed Feta 150g organic (L'Ancêtre, QC)
Ambrosia apples 3lb - Great Lakes Farms (not organic)
Fuji apples 3lb - Great Lakes Farms (not organic)
Honeycrisp apples 3lb - Great Lakes Farms (not organic)
White daikon radish
Purple daikon radish
Black Spanish radish
Carmela's Ginger Cookies
Black Turtle Beans
Navy Beans
Red Kidney Beans
Split Peas, Green
2 lbs Onion Yellow - Pfennings
Onion Yellow 3lbs - Pfennings
Onion yellow 3 lbs
Red Onion
Sunflower Seeds
Royal Gala organic apples 3lb (WA)
Oranges Valencia (5 count)
Butternut squash organic - Pfennings
Gunn's Hill - five brothers 300g
Gunn's Hill - Handeck 300g
Pink Lady organic apples 3lb (WA)
Summerland Sunset apples 3lb - Great Lakes Farms (not organic)
Stewing hen, organic
Red Russian Kale
Mango (Ataulfo)
Spaghetti Squash
Half Large Cabbage
Green Lentils
Shiitake mushrooms, 130g
Fuji apples, 8 count
Broccoli head
Mango, organic (EQ/MX)
Sweet peppers 2 count
Grape tomatoes, organic (MX)
Cabbage, organic (MX)
Canned Black Beans, 540 ml
Mango Orange Juice, 1 L
Tomato Paste, 300 ml
KoalaCrisp Chocolate Rice Puff Cereal, 725 g, Nature's Path
Fine Herbs Pasta Sauce, 737 ml
Caesar Salad Dressing, 355 ml
Italian Salad Dressing, 250 ml
Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce, 705 ml
Wild Blueberry Premium Spread 383 ml
Peach Premium Spread 383 ml
Peach Slices, Canned (398 ml)
Pineapple Chunks, Canned (398 ml)
Coconut Milk, Organic (400 ml)
Gala apples 3lb - Great Lakes Farms (not organic)
Carrots - large bag
Whole Wheat flour
Yellow potatoes 5lb
Jerusalem artichokes 1lb
All-purpose Flour
Carrots - small bag
Mini potatoes 2lb
5lb Red potatoes - Pfennings
Large Flaked Oats
Seth's Bread - Seedy
Seth's Bread - Rye Fig Fennel
Seth's Bread - Spelt
Seth's Bread - croissants (4)
5lbs Carrots
Seth's Bread - Plain
Seth's Bread - baguettes (2)
Russet potatoes 5lb
Mandarin Oranges, 2lb organic (USA)
Tomato vine
Ground turkey
Tomato basil turkey sausage
Honey garlic turkey sausage
Strawberries 1 lb
mixed beets 2lb
20 lbs carrots
Celery stalk
Seth's Bread - Kamut
Seth's Bread - Walnut Raisin
Parsnips - small bag
Parsnips - large bag
Oranges naval (5 count)
Breakfast Roast Coffee, whole bean
Beets, 2lb organic - Pfennings (ON)
Viennese Roast Coffee, whole bean
Espresso Blend Coffee, whole bean
Cheeze sauce variety pack
Red cabbage, beet, ginger sauerkraut, 500mL organic - Harvest Pantry (London)
Garlic fresh turkey sausage (not organic), Oegema (Talbotville)
Napa kimchi, 500 mL
Traditional sauerkraut, 500mL
Hot italian turkey sausage
Bananas, 2lb fairtrade
Italian turkey sausage
Farmer's turkey sausage
Parsnips - seconds XL bag
Pea shoots
Turmeric ginger sauerkraut, 500mL
Spring Kale
English cucumber
English cucumbers - 3 pack
Sweet peppers, imperfect
Mini bella mushrooms, 227g organic (Ontario)
XL Salad mix
Cucumbers - 6 pack
Roma tomatoes 1.5 lbs
Apple fennel sauerkraut, 500mL
Gouda aged 6 month 170g
Samurai sauerkraut, 500mL
Daikon kimchi, 500 mL
Pea tips
Italian Herbs Pasta Sauce, 737 mL
XL Spinach
Royal gala apples (7 count)
Fiddleheads 227g
Japanese cucumber
Japanese cucumber - 3 pack
Onion yellow 2 lbs
Cranberry Pomegrante Blueberry Juice, 1 L
Breakfast Blend Black Tea
Pitted Deglet Noor Dates 250 g
Kale bunch
Sweet pepper
Smyrna Figs Dried Fruit 198 G
Rosemary (dried)
Avocado 2 count
Rhubarb 1lb (Orchard Hill Farm)
Kale (HOPE Eco-Farms)
Strawberries 1 lb (California)
Asparagus 340g (Orchard Hill Farm or Mazak Farms)
Oranges Valencia, 4 count (Mexico)
Bananas, 2lb fairtrade (EQ/PR)
White/crimini mushrooms, 227g
Fuji apples, 8 count (Washington)
Russet potatoes 5lb (Ontario)
Roma tomatoes 1.5lbs (Ontario)
Shiitake mushrooms, 130g
Celery stalk (California)
Broccoli head
Baby Choi
Lettuce mini heads
Curly endive
Red cabbage, beet, and ginger sauerkraut, 500 mL
Apple fennel sauerkraut, 500 mL
Onion yellow 3 lbs (CA/Mex))
Green Garlic (Ontario)
2L Cherry tomatoes
Strawberries (Great Lakes Farms)
Garlic scapes
Seth's Bread - Seasame nigella
Oregano (dried)
Curly endive 2 heads
Escarole 2 heads
small cabbage
Large Cabbage
Seconds Cauliflower
golden beets
snap/snow peas
tuscano kale
toscano kale
Basil LARGE bag
red cabbage
Seconds tomato flat
Seconds cucumbers
Zucchini basket
blueberry flat
herb bundle
curly parsley
summer savory
Purple sweet pepper
New potatoes
shishito hot peppers
Jalapeno hot peppers
3 cucumbers
Serrano hot peppers
green pepper
Organic Chickpeas 540ML
Black Beans Can Org 540 ML
Strawberry Banana Premium Spread Family Size 383 ml
Strawberry Banana Premium Spread Family Size 383 ml
Grape Apple Juice Blend Org 1L
Mango Orange Juice Blend Org 1L
Pomegrante Cherry Juice Blend Org 1L
Pomegrante Cherry Juice Blend Org 1L
Chia & Quinoa Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips
Chia & Quinoa Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips
Italian Salad Dressing 250 ml
Balsamic Salad Dressing 355 ml
Sesame & Tamari Salad Dressing 250 ml
Deglett Pitted Dates 250 g
Pure, 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
Mint, 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
Salted Toffee, 55% Dark Chocolate Bar
Coconut chocolate bar
canary melon
Poblano hot peppers
Red Onions
Kidney Beans Org 540 ML
Organic Medium Cheddar 325g (Pfennings - L'Ancêtre, QC)
Onions (3 lb) - Pfennings
Avocado 2 count (Pfennings - Mexico)
Red Onion - Pfennings
White Daikon
Feta 150g organic (Pfennings - L'Ancêtre, QC)
Purple top turnips
2lbs Mini Potatoes - Pfennings
Purple daikon
Organic Old Cheddar 325g (Pfennings - L'Ancêtre, QC)
Empire apples 3lb - Great Lakes Farms (not organic)
5lb Yellow potatoes - Pfennings
Unsalted butter 250g organic (Pfennings - L'Ancêtre, QC)
White Mushrooms 8oz - Pfennings
Raisins Thompson organic 1 lb (Pfennings USA)
Organic Shiitake Mushrooms 130 g - Pfennings
Royal gala organic apples 3lb - Pfennings (USA)
5lb Russet potatoes - Pfennings
All-purpose Flour - Oak Manor
Large Flaked Oats - Oak Manor
Green Lentils - Oak Manor
Canadian Grown Chickpeas - Oak Manor
Dill (dried)
Popcorn - Oak Manor
Seconds parsnips (large bag)
Sweet Potato - Pfennings (USA)
Seth's Bread - Pain au Levain
Pumpkin Seeds - Oak Manor
Booch Kombucha - Blue Lemonade 355 ml can
Cherry Hibiscus - Booch Organic Kombucha
Booch Kombucha - Strawberry Apple 355 ml can
Variety 3-pack - Booch Organic Kombucha
red tropea onions
Roma tomato
Paula red apples
Bartlett Pears 3lb
Blackberries half pint
Sunrise apples 3lb
Zestar apples 3lb
Cayenne hot peppers
Habanero hot peppers
Salsa verde pack
Seconds carrots
Sweet pepper bunch
Ginger Gold apples 3lb
Salad tomatoes
4lb Beets
candy cane beets
Red beet bunch
El eden hot peppers
mustard greens
romanesco cauliflower
Mcintosh apples 3lb
Butternut squash
delicata squash
Caraflex cabbage
Ground beef
pork sausage
Carolina reaper hot peppers
Honey garlic pork sausage
Ground beef
Blue Hubbard Squash
Kabocha squash
Pie pumpkin
Candy Roaster squash
Tendersweet cabbage
Yellow beans
Yellow corn tortilla chips
Berry Harvest Premium Spread Family Size
Raspberry Premium Fruit Spread family size
Strawberry Premium Fruit Spread family size
Peach Premium Spread Family Size
Dijon Mustard
Peppermint Herbal Tea
Chai Spice Black Tea
Earl Grey Black Tea
Red radicchio
Large Onion
French fingerling potatoes
Black Futsu squash
Yokohama squash
Buttercup squash
joi choi
Broccoli bunch
Honeynut squash
Golden Delicious apples
bay leaves
mini potatoes
kiwi fruit
Broiler chicken ~4lb
~5lb broiler chicken
Purple kale
Ida Red Apples
Unshelled black walnuts
Shelled black walnuts
Rooibos Tea
Coconut, 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
Roasted Diced Tomatoes
Mild cheddar 325g
5 brother's cheese 170g
Fresh cheese curds 160g
Handeck Cheese 170g
Brigid's Brie 200g
7 grain cereal
red lentils
Dried mint
Dried hot peppers
dried extra hot peppers
Bosc pears
Jumbo sweet potato 6lb
hot chocoloate
hot chocolate
Brown Sugar
oat milk
Apple Cider Vinegar
Chicken Broth
vegetable broth
Mutsu apples 3lb
Organic Fuji apples 3lb
Roasted Eggplant Pasta Sauce
dried mushroom powder - Weth blend
dried mushroom powder - Weth Blend
tortilla chips
Luke's Mexican Spice Tortilla chips
Soft unbleached small flour tortillas
Whole Wheat small flour tortillas
Salt and pepper sausage
salt and pepper sausage
friendlier mustard greens
Dried Cranberries 200g
dried apricots 250g
walnuts 200g
Almonds 200g
pumpkin seeds 250g
super seed mix 250g
fair trade organic chocolate chips 250g
small yellow onions 2lb
rainbow carrots 2lb
Friendlier arugula
salad mix - friendlier!
Salted Almond, 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
Greek Salad Dressing - Mother Raw
friendlier spinach
Mat's Fine Sunflower Oil
Large soft, unbleached flour tortillas
Hemp Oil (Salad Oil)
limes - 5 pack
limes - 5 count
limes 5 count
Raw Ketchup
Japanese Style Salad Dressing
Yellow Turmeric Mustard
small spelt tortillas
carrot bunch
Basil plant
pork variety pack
Avocado Oil
Avocado Oil
Mother raw balsamic salad dressing
Mother raw caesar salad dressing
Mother raw BBQ sauce
Here to there cookbook
Spelt Tortillas
tortilla chips mutigrain
tortilla chips dill pickle flavour
Pemeal bacon
Four Fruit Premium Spread
Old Fashioned Mustard
Live Well Collection cookbook
XL zucchini
new red potatoes
fresh sage
Dill Seed Heads
fresh onion
Green Garlic
Light Mayonnaise
Cannelini Beans
Baked Beans
Mixed beans
Chopped Tomatoes
Mushroom Basil Pasta Sauce
Grape Juice
Carrot Juice
Apple Juice
red beet bunch with tops
Apple Cider
green cayenne hot peppers
5 lb green beans
3L Jalapenos
honeydew melon
salsa tomatoes half bushel
Zestar apples (3lb)
Ginger Gold apples (3lb)
Beefsteak Tomato
Full bushel roma tomatoes
seconds sweet peppers
roasted cherry tomato kit
Organic Paula Red apples (2lb)
Soy Mayonnaise
Cauliflower Fusilli
Chickpea Fusilli
Organic Spartan apples (2lb)
Elstar apples (3lb)
white beets
lettuce only mix
Small spaghetti squash
Sweet peppers large basket
carnival squash
baked potato squash
winter blush squash
Luke's Kale tortilla chips
Organic Kenko Asian Pears
Organic Freedom apples (2lb)
Courtland apples (3lb)
savoy cabbage
organic gala apples
komatsuna bunch
small butternut squash
Jonagold apples 3lb
Tomato Sauce
Spanish-type onions
baby spinach
Organic Empire apples (2lb)
organic jonagold apples (2lb)
leek bunch
northern spy apples 3lb
5 lb carrots
root roast pack
carrot ginger soup pack
Organic Macintosh apples (2lb)
acorn squash
organic Gold Rush apples (2lb)
purple potatoes (2lb)
sundried tomatoes