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Farm Happenings for September 23, 2021

Posted on September 19th, 2021 by Michael Hoke

Despite the warm weather this past week, we are actively planning our larger fall harvests.  We are always squeezed for time and space to get all the crops harvested in the best condition so this past week we did another practice run with our new root harvester.  And this week we will be harvesting a lot of cabbage to store.  Even though it's not getting too cold yet, the cabbage is at it's peak quality so we want to get it in the cooler now!

We have been waiting all summer to receive our new insulated bags to use with our packing process and the finally arrived last week.  We would like to start offering more frozen / cooler products locally and sustainably sourced for those who are interested.  This week we have available ground beef from YU Ranch near Tillsonburg.  If you want to read more about their 100% grass-fed operation check them out!  In the coming weeks we will have pasture raised broilers and stewing hens from Chicken Little in Aylmer as well as bringing back turkey products from Oegemas.  The orders will come with our reusable bags as well as an ice pack and we ask that you return them to us so we can keep the waste down.  

As well this week we have a lot of green/yellow beans and this is likely the last week we will have a lot of them (we will have smaller amounts likely in future weeks).  Other interesting things this week:  Hakurei turnips are back in quantity and the fall crop is amazing, Golden beets, Caraflex (pointy cabbage) and Cayenne peppers.