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Farm Happenings for July 1, 2021

Posted on June 28th, 2021 by Chris DeVries

Lots of rain makes the farm look so green and lush! Our farm crew has grown substantially this week, which is great because we could really use the extra hands in harvest! This time of year is especially exciting for us; we've got a lot of firsts of the year on the pick list this week. Our fresh snap peas and snow peas are so crunchy and sweet. They make the perfect snack! Fennel, parsley, Napa cabbage, Toscano kale, radicchio, and bunching onions are all making an appearance on our list this week as well! Zucchini is really taking off, so we'll have lots available. They're so great on the grill in this summer heat. Our beets are big and beautiful this week, so grab a bunch or two to roast or slice into your salads. Many of the farm workers also enjoy them thinly sliced on homemade pizza, so give that a try if you're a beet lover! We're trying to keep up with all of our transplanting, weeding, seeding and trellising, while staying on top of our increased harvest schedule. Imperfect peppers and Ontario-grown broccoli from Pfennings will also be available.

It will business as usual here at the farm while we celebrate Canada Day on Thursday. Please expect your regular delivery or do come out to the farm if you pick up here. 

Thank you for your support,