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Farm Happenings for June 24, 2021

Posted on June 18th, 2021 by Chris DeVries

These rainy days have been great for the farm! The vegetables love the rain, but unfortunately, so do the weeds. Our crew has to work hard to stay on top of them before they are completely out of control. We've got lots of big, beautiful beet bunches available, even some golden ones! These are perfect for roasting and slicing into salads, and of course, the green tops are delicious when cooked! Our cabbage is incredible this spring and we have lots of it! It goes fast, so make sure to add some to your order. They keep stored in the fridge for weeks and are a staple for slaws. Zucchini season has begun as well. The plants are really taking off and we'll be swimming in zucchini in no time. Our herbs are bountiful right now, especially our sage and mint. They add a perfect fragrance and flavour to any dish. Garlic scapes season is short, so make sure to grab a bunch of those before they're gone! They have an intense garlic flavour that is made mild when cooked. Tomatoes are abundant and delicious at this time! Our cauliflower this year has unfortunately been affected by drought. We've got 'seconds' available, which means they might look a little funny, but they are just as fresh and tasty as our 'firsts'.

As a reminder, we will be using the new Harvie interface this week again.  On our side we are using a whole new inventory system, so please make sure to check your share contents and swap and change your preferences if you are getting things you don't want in your share.  

This week, we'll have strawberries from Great Lakes Farm. From Pfennings, we'll have strawberries, mangoes, bananas and red radishes.

Thank you as always for your support,