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Farm Happenings for May 14, 2021

Posted on May 9th, 2021 by Michael Hoke

The sunshine from this week and rain from last week are working together to grow our vegetables. We're also working hard on the farm! Seeding, weeding, transplanting, moving hoophouses, maintaining the greenhouse, packing orders and harvesting lots of vegetables keeps us really busy during this part of the year. We hope to plant our first 2021 potatoes this week! We plan to harvest lots of potatoes in the coming months, so planting them is a big project! We've welcomed 4 new and returning employees onto the farm in the last month to help with all of the extra labour. Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and a limited number of eggplants from our greenhouse will be available this week, as well as our first green peppers! These peppers are super sweet and crunchy and are just as delicious raw as they are cooked. If you're looking to add some flavour to your dishes, our perennial herbs (rosemary, mint and thyme) are excellent at this time of the year! We also have spring beets, which are fresh and sweet, and their greens are delicious when cooked.

Don't miss out on rhubarb from Orchard Hill Farms (Sparta, ON)! From Pfennings this week, we have broccoli, celery, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, naval oranges, and bananas.

Did you know that we're selling plants for you to plant in your home garden? We have a variety of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and seed potatoes to choose from. The deadline for pre-ordering is Sunday, May 15th. Click the link to start your order:

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