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The Longest Days Offer the Longest Views

Posted on June 20th, 2020 by Danielle Boerson

The summer solstice is upon us!  These are, indeed, the longest days on the farm.  The work is rich and constantly evolving from soil to seed to stem, and all the while June is passing before our eyes in a series of flashes. With 15 1/2 hours of daylight, the crops have plenty of time and sunshine to grow!  We are up with the sun, out to the field and pasture to tend animals and vegetables, and it is often twilight before we hang up our hats for the day.   The view of the farm pictured above features some freshly built growing beds, planted with a mixture of direct seeded and transplanted crops such as rainbow carrots, salad mix, scallions and beets.  Over the past several weeks, we've been pushing to prepare the ground to receive all the seeds and seedlings that we need to offer a range of crops all season long.  I'm happy to report that the winter squash, pumpkins, Brussels sprouts, celery, melons, eggplants, peppers, fall cauliflower and broccoli are planted. The potato plants have already been hilled twice, and our succession plantings of greens and roots are continuing. With mid and late season crops in the ground, we are now beginning to enjoy the harvest of early summer!  You will likely notice that these first boxes of the season are heavy on the greens, but I assure that we are on the brink of an explosion... there are flowers on the snap peas and beans, the field carrots have nearly sized up for digging, and the summer squash are now baby fruits, within a week away of first harvest...

Please enjoy every morsel that comes with your share this week - it is only the beginning of the abundance to come!  If this is your first week of the CSA, welcome, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about your share.  We hope you can taste the love:-)