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The Faces Behind the Food

Posted on June 27th, 2020 by Danielle Boerson

Summer is here.  The veggies are putting on size in the field and these garlic plants are a testament to that!  Evan, our first ever high school employee, is picking the scapes that will end up in some of your boxes this coming week.  Scapes are the tantalizing early flowers of the garlic plant, which we pick to encourage the development of the heads.  In another month, it will be time to harvest the garlic and prepare it for curing.  But first, these scapes are delicious!  

I've heard many reports so far of garlic scape pesto, grilled scapes, and even pickled scapes.  So many options for such a little known crop!  Truth be told, the best part about scapes is simply picking them.  Just ask Evan - he has been enjoying these quiet moments amongst the tall plants just searching, snapping and moving on down the line.  3,500 garlic plants offer ample opportunity!  We love garlic, and we love having such a hard-working, inquisitive and upbeat young man working on the farm.  There is good energy in this food, and we hope that you experience it with every bite.