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Meat Farm Happenings for May 26, 2020

Posted on May 23rd, 2020 by Rae Strobel Barr

Welcome to the first Barr Farms Meat share of summer 2020.  

Quick logistics note:   If you are getting both Veg and Meat shares, PLEASE be sure you have both before you leave pickup!   please check your Veg Box if you have a small meat may be in a sealed container.    Also, if you have a large meat order, please check for a cardboard and Stryrofoam cooler box at pickup.   WE do plan to reuse these styrofoam boxes--at $4-5 each we really need too. (note they will be quarantined and not reused for at least 2 weeks).

Farm News:   It had been a crazy year already.   With high demand you will be happy to know you can count on us all season long!   We have stocked up for the start of the CSA!   Our only concern with production is being able to continue to get dates at the butcher.   right now that looks pretty secure for the summer, but the small processors are suffering from an overload of demand also.    Fortunately we have been doing this for 13 years and have a great relationship with our procsesors.   So it seems we have a level of security there for the time being.

Our first Chicken processing date is June 3, and so we will have very low stock of chicken until then!

Otherwise we just picked up some nice grass-fed beef and pork from the processor and we think you will be pleased.