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What’s on your agenda this week?

Posted on January 21st, 2021 by Raphaela Ysrael

Goooood morning!

The work is piling up at the farm, but we are hanging in there. We’re close to finishing the underground irrigation infrastructure and with that out of the way we’ll be able to place our raised beds. My father and I are going to cut as many logs as we can to get some more beds built so that we can finally get some plants in them. I’m hoping that we will be able to hold some volunteering sessions to get this work done. You all are a great resource fir us and I think it’ll be a great learning opportunity for you all! 
Speaking of learning opportunities, for those of you that were able to come to our class THANK YOU! It was a very comfortable and socially distant experience and I think that everyone learned a good bit. Here are some shots from the day. 

Keep an eye out for classes in the future. As the work comes we’ll figure out a way to share the knowledge with you all. 

Out of everything growing, the crop in most excited about is our watermelon radishes. 

Root crops and be difficult this time of year with the fluctuating weather. Covering them, uncovering them, freeze, then warmth in the same day is all pretty taxing. We’re grateful when we can get some greens to come with the roots but it’s not always how it works out (especially with beets!). As long as we can get some big juicy roots to come with it. 

Here’s another reminder from your favorite farmer to CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER. It’s the absolute best way to take full advantage of this program that we are using. Harvie does all the hard work so we can have a system and really works for us, but you won’t get to see all the variety unless you customize. Pay attention to the emails during the week that let you know when you can sign in to make changes to your box. 

Have a great week everyone!


EliYahu and the Atlanta Harvest Family 

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