Farm Happenings at Atlanta Harvest
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Farm Happenings at Atlanta Harvest

Atlanta Harvest Updates!

Posted on October 22nd, 2020
Morning! I hope you all have had a great week last week! As busy as we are we are always thinking about you and how to make your shopping experience better. Our team has been sitting down to try to figure out how to make all of our decisions more customer centered. There are a few ways to do that. One... read more »

Moving to Ellenwood!

Posted on October 15th, 2020
Gooooood morning CSA Family!! We've been working hard this week moving everything we own in Jonesboro over to Ellenwood. It has been a trip! Moving our raised beds, greenhouses, walk-in coolers, freezers, animalsl, farm stand, and soooo much more. I'm glad we don't have to driver very far! We have some... read more »

Last Sunday at Jonesboro!

Posted on October 8th, 2020
Hey Everyone!   This is our last Sunday at Jonesboro coming up Oct. 11th! We welcome you to join us as we go out with a bang. We've invited Chef Yvette from Gorditas ATL to serve up some amazing Flautas, Quesadillas, and Esquites from 12-5 pm. We love being able to share a space with chefs and... read more »

This week at the farm!

Posted on October 3rd, 2020
Hey yall,   As you all have heard, we will be leaving our Jonesboro location in about a week. Although this brings some sadness, we are so ecstatic about our future in Ellenwood. This past week we've been putting so much work into the back acreage to create a truly inspiring experience. We can't... read more »


Posted on September 25th, 2020
The days are getting shorter, the weather is a bit chillier, it's definitely Fall. Although I absolutely love summer (mostly because of the fruits) there is so much to love about Fall!! Over the past month or so we've been in high gear preparing for what this Fall is going to bring us. We are still moving... read more »

Farmer's Markets at Atlanta Harvest Every Sunday!

Posted on September 10th, 2020
Hey Yall, Did you know that every Sunday we hold a farmers market at our Jonesboro location?? We invite local, black owned businesses to set up and share their amazing gifts with you all. We pride ourselves on being a small, black-owned business ourselves and its important that we share our blessing... read more »

Product Highlight: Sourdough Boule by Bake-n-Jam!

Posted on August 13th, 2020
Hey Yall, We love a good collab over here and greet any opportunity to make your shopping experience more well-rounded with open arms. So when we found Bake-N-Jam at the Castleberry Hills Farmers market, connecting with them was inevitable. With the high quality products that they produce BY HAND, it... read more »

Long time no see! Farm Updates for this week

Posted on August 4th, 2020
Hey y'all! This season has been BUSY and you guys have been a HUGE part of that. So many people supporting us through shopping at the Shuk (our open air market) and getting foodboxes delivered to their homes has kept the sweat on our brow and the food pumping. We are here to get you the best in locally... read more »

The Busiest Season of the Year!

Posted on June 17th, 2020
Hey Yall, If you haven't noticed already, it's potato season. We grow tons and tons and tons of potatoes to last us through the following seasons. That's why we have potatoes almost all year round! You'll probably be seeing potatoes in your bag every week. So if make sure to pay attention to your selections... read more »