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Gotta Love the Fall!

Posted on November 11th, 2020 by Raphaela Ysrael

Hey Everyone!


So many plants going in the ground this week! We've planted napa cabbage, red russian kale, dino kale, radishes, golden and red striped beets, and red and sweet onions. It's so exciting to see plants growing. On top of the summer crops we are still growing the upcoming weeks are looking so good. In addition, our friendly neighbors have made the grapefruit and satsumas available this week and next week.


Check out Wayne and Asa introducing his freshest of fruits! (

Here on the new property in ellenwood, we are using all of our newly cut wood to make our own beds... 15 beds down and 185 beds to go! As the storms come and go this week we've been taking time to plan a bit deeper on the new farm stand. We are planning to make it a barn-type building made of logs. Cant wait to share the plans with you moving forward. 

For the add-on shares this week:

Dry Goods: Bulgar Wheat

Coffee: Fair Harvest Blend

Tea: Dewormer