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Atlanta Harvest Weekly Updates!

Posted on November 6th, 2020 by Raphaela Ysrael


I hope you all have been having a good week. This is a stressful time but we want to make sure that we stay grounded. For the team, we've literally been spending our time in the dirt so its easy to get lost in time. For you all, I hope you can find some time to disconnect and stay stress free for atleast a little bit. This week's tea of the week has been Orange Mint Green but next week (starting on Sunday) will be Chamomile Lavender Mint. That mix is my go-to for when i need my mind and body to be at ease. I would also recommend some incense (which we will be adding to our tea site pretty soon!) If you want to spread some of the joy of our teas, you are always welcome to! Heres the link to the Chamomile Lavender Mint (

Looking forward to more harvests this week, we've been posting more of our harvests on social media where you can see all the good work my brothers are doing to keep the food you all receive fresh and sweet!


If you are a member of our Castleberry Hills Farmers Market, this Monday is our last day for the season! We are sad to see it go, but know that all things have their course. Of course that doesnt stop us from making sure you all have good food! The market manager, Diana, has so graciously offered to hold everyone's boxes at her house for pickup. Look out for an email soon with details about the new pickup location.

My family and I appreciate you all dearly and hope that our futures together look as bright as ever!


EliYahu and the Atlanta Harvest Team