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Welcome to our First Week of the Fall Farm Share Season!

Posted on September 11th, 2020 by Agriberry Farm

Hello all and welcome to our new members who have just joined for the fall!

This is the first week of our seven week Fall fruits season.

The standard share for this week will include one half pint of Agriberry red raspberries grown in Hanover, one quart, about 2lb of Honey Crisp apples from Chris Baugher in Pennsylvania, one quart, about 2lb of Hosui Asian pears from Saunders Brothers Farm in Nelson County, and one half gallon of Apple Cider from Rinker Orchards in Stephens City, Virginia. 100% apples, no added sugar, and no filtration. It has been flash pasteurized so is safe for all age consumption, it also freezes nicely but be sure and leave 10% space in the freezer container for expansion upon freezing. Farmer Anne says when the twins were babies, she would freeze cider in ice cube trays, store in zip bags for easy mixing for their cereals. 

Swaptions available are as follows: Muscadine grapes from Cottle Farms in North Carolina, Gala apples from Hollabaugh Brothers in Pennsylvania, and Sunrise pears also from Hollabaugh Brothers Farm.

Extras include all of the above as well as our famous oat bars made onsite with our Agriblend jam and honey from Stargell's apiaries who harvests honey from all over central Virginia. He even has some of his hives steps away from our berry fields here in Hanover!


Below is a brief overview on how to use Harvie for our new members. If you are already familiar with our Harvie system, feel free to skip this section.

New members: Each week, you will receive an email at 4:00 pm on Sunday afternoon. These emails will include important information for the upcoming week as well as your share contents for that week. There will be the standard share, which you are able to customize through the swap capability. You will see an arrow symbol below the photo of each fruit. If you want to swap that fruit out, simply click this button. If you want to increase the amount of a certain fruit, there is a plus button below it that you can click to add-on additional units of that specific fruit. If you want to delete a fruit, there is a minus button or a trash can button that you can click to subtract this from your share.

There is also the option to add-on EXTRAS which are ONLY available as EXTRAS and not as SWAPS. These items will be added to your share at an extra cost, though the price is discounted since you all are now members.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, I am reachable via email at

In addition to Harvie, we also have an online store where we welcome customers and members to preorder for all weekday and weekend markets. The store is found at, and you all receive a discount here as well. To use your discount, enter the code 'FARMSHARE' at the end of your transaction. Please keep this member-only code to yourself as this is a special offer for members only.


We are thrilled to begin the Fall Farm Share season with both loyal Agriberry enthusiasts and our wonderful new members. The season is looking to be a delicious one as we continue to cultivate a life of vitality.

Berrily yours,

Farm Share Coordinator- Shaina Pigliacampi