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Final week of the Summer Farm Share. Next week begins the Fall Farm Share

Posted on September 4th, 2020 by Agriberry Farm

Good afternoon summer farm share loyalists!

We have reached the final week of our summer farm share season, and I am so grateful for all of you and your constant support throughout the 2020 season. The berries and fruits  have overall been quite wonderful, certainly a joy for us to share the bounty with you and yours. No one could have predicted the current climate of our world, but nonetheless, we are living, thriving, and altogether cultivating a life of vitality.

We have a special treat for you all this week as we dip our toes into fall fruits... Muscadine grapes are in! This is a southern late summer classic that we hope all will try AND enjoy. An unforgettable flavor that those who grew up with its jelly or its wine recall with much nostalgia. Start a new heritage ... they are included in the standard week 20 share. The entire share will include:


One half pint of red raspberries from our fields in Hanover, one mixed pint of Muscadine grapes from Cottle Farms in North Carolina, one pint of Italian plums grown by John Marker near Winchester ( yes time to bring out the favorite plum tart recipe) , and one quart of Honey Crisp Apples from Chris Baugher & Brothers in Aspers Pennsylvania. 

Items available for swaps are Asian pears, Gala apples, and yellow nectarines.

Items available as extras are yellow peaches and blackberries as well as our famous oat bars and honey from Stargell's Apiaries.

Thank you for your season long support in nearby Agriberry farming as well as other family orchards/farms within a half days drive of Richmond. Your support has also empowered over 40 area youth ( as well as a few young at heart) to experience the up close seasonality of nature maturing berry/fruit crops. We hope you have appreciated the fruits of our safe labors as much as we have the opportunity to plain ol' GROW. 

As we close out the summer farm share season, I wish you all health and wellness as we transition into a slower time of year. May you be well this autumn and continue to delight in the goodness that the world provides us with. We look forward to the many eager fall share members continuing on 9/15 - 10/29.