Fresh, local produce all winter long? It’s audacious. It’s on Harvie.

We’re entering a transitional time where nature seems to tell us to slow down, enjoy the gift of autumn colors, and make preparations for winter. Although we don’t need to make preparations for winter as our ancestors did—felling and stacking wood, curing meat, and storing vegetables in the root cellar—this anticipatory feeling we all get runs deep. We start thinking about how we’ll procure good food through the winter months in our chilly region, how many snow days we’ll get, and how many times we’ll need to run an errand in such weather. 

The shift in seasons can be an even bigger transition if you’re a CSA member or frequent farmer’s market shopper. The joy we get from receiving fresh & local products all summer can’t be overstated. Sharing in the bounty of our region connects us to the land and to each other. But, the farmer’s market tents will soon be tucked away until the robins return, and your CSA box full of squash means that your pick-ups are coming to a close. When you’re used to eating fresh, local produce all summer it’s challenging to transition back to grocery store options. The color, texture, & taste all leave much to be desired. But, this year you don’t need to resort to the grocery store. It’s time for Harvie. 

Harvie is a Pittsburgh-based grocery subscription service that sources local products year-round from small farms and artisans and delivers them to your door. We will have fresh, local produce all winter long from farmers who use season extension practices to ensure that their community will continue to have access to high quality produce. It might sound impossible, and it’s not easy, but we are all committed to building a strong regional food system and severing our reliance on global corporations to procure our food. Local farm partners who are joining our audacious winter promise include Central PA Produce Cooperative, Dawson’s Orchards, Wayward Seed Farm, Yarnick’s Farm, Fifth Season and Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. Join us in the local food revolution and keep winter fresh with local produce all year long!

We want to give you your first box on us. Visit to claim your promo code and eat local all winter long.