What Thanksgiving Means to Harvie — a Note from Simon

Here at Harvie we feel a kinship with the Thanksgiving holiday because it is the one holiday we have that is centered around food and the joy of being together.

It is the end of another growing season and Thanksgiving gives me a chance to wonder in the bounty of our land in this region that produces so much quality food. Harvie will continue to deliver great local food throughout the winter, but Thanksgiving is a moment to pause, eat, talk, and laugh.

I hope you get a chance to be with the people you love this Thanksgiving and share the bounty that our farmers and producers will bring to our tables. I encourage you to take a moment to think about the tiny square of soil that this particular sweet potato was pulled from, the sun in the sky that grew it, the hands that harvested it, the truck driver who drove it here, the hands that packed your box and on and on. In each sweet potato, you can see the interconnectedness of the world and our communities.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Simon Huntley, Founder + CEO