Harvie Staff

Simon Huntley, CEO (he/him)

Simon grew up on a farm in southwestern Pennsylvania where he developed a passion for getting local food into local communities. After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Information Sciences and Technology, he started Small Farm Central to combine his background in agriculture and technology. The business focused on using software development to provide the tools to connect local farms and food businesses to local consumers.

Over the years, Small Farm Central has evolved into Harvie. Simon’s goal, and the goal of Harvie, is to help local farmers become more economically sustainable so they can support their families, take care of their land, treat their employees well, and thrive on their farms. Simon believes that local food has the potential to transform our economy and our environment through the way we use and respect natural resources.

Kyle Jaster, COO (he/him)

Warehouse Operations

Lucy Angell, Operations Manager (she/her)

Dan H., Fulfillment Associate

Declan H., Administrative Lead

Kristen W., Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager

Dave D., Fulfillment Associate
Debbie S., Produce Specialist
Abi H., Fulfillment Associate
Patrik B., Fulfillment Manager
John K., Fulfillment Associate
Lisa M., Fulfillment Lead
Cheyenne A., Cooler Lead
Rowan E., Dry Goods Lead
Erik S., Replenishment Specialist
Rue R., Cooler Specialist
Antoine H., Fulfillment Associate
Doug W., Fulfillment Associate
Brittany B., Fulfillment Associate
Horiana G., Fulfillment Associate
Lindsay B., Freezer Lead
Charlie H., Freezer Specialist
Courtney K., Freezer Specialist
Ed W., Fulfillment Associate
Jordaysia J., Fulfillment Associate
Tom M., Fulfillment Associate


Katie Geise, Sourcing Manager

Neil Stauffer, Category Manager

Chuck Walton, Receiving Manager

Brock S., Receiving Lead

Andy A., Produce Lead


Theresa Civitella, Transportation Supervisor

Sage P., Delivery Driver

Marc M., Delivery Driver

JR L., Delivery Driver
Dale B., Delivery Driver
Mark K., Delivery Driver
Logan W., Delivery Driver

Marketing & Retail

Mackenzie Nelsen, Marketing Manager

Customer Success

Katie Black, Customer Success Manager (she/her)

Ladorise Bedard-Webb, Member Relations Specialist
Kelly Vormelker, Customer Success Specialist—Farm Development
Caleb Riley, Member Relations Specialist

Emily at the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh.

Emily Yanchak, Product Manager (she/her)

Harvie Kitchen

Jordan Mason, Kitchen Manager
Jessica Wagner, Prepared Foods Lead
Greg Hutchinson, Kitchen Lead
Bradleigh Peterkin, Prep Cook
Deontae Coker, Prep Cook
David Hoyt, Culinary Assistant