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Farm Happenings for June 6, 2023

Posted on June 2nd, 2023 by John Zilnicki

And just like that June is here!  We are extremely busy on the farm this time of the year, more so than normal as mother nature has kept us in a dry pattern.  Even though we picked up some light showers last weekend, the below average levels have put us in a spot that we must start irrigation earlier than normal.  Naturally, as we turn on our irrigation well the Starter takes a dump and we are on hold until it comes in.  It should be in this weekend, fingers crossed.

We made a bunch of straw and hay this week.  I brought back to life some of my grandfathers equipment that have not been used since 1986.  Yes, it may be rusty but with a little TLC I got them back up to working condition. 

Strawberries are coming in!  They are small and yields are low because of the lack of rain and cool nights.  Hopefully in a week or 2 they shape up into the big juicy Long Island Strawberries we all love.  

Exciting news; new batch of cattle arrive at our farm this week.  We are excited to welcome them back!

Enjoy this cooler temp weekend!

Your farmer,